Santa Claus just doing his job!

Operation Covert Santa remains a very simple idea. Christmas is a very difficult time for sick and recently injured service members and their families. They are dealing with so many stressful issues in an unfamiliar setting away from home. Providing gifts for their loved ones is often too difficult or impossible under the circumstances. We approach these sick or recently injured service members and their families and ask them to give us their "Santa List" and to leave the rest to us. Many of them are reluctant at first. It might sound to them as if we are offering charity and they are too proud to even consider that prospect. Our response is to ask them, "Don't you believe in Santa Claus?" This isn't charity. This is simply Santa Claus doing his job. 
 We then take these lists, remove the individual names and anything else that would uniquely identify them and assign a number to each list and include a very brief general description of the service member or family member. 
This is where you come in. Each elf can choose to provide the gifts from a Santa List or make a Cash Contribution towards these gifts. Please consider an online contribution: If you would like to become an elf and help fulfill these Santa lists or have any questions please send me an email at

Husky Elf